Unity Must Abound For Man To See The Power Of God Demonstrated Like In The Book of Acts — Part 4

Teach the Word of God

Preachers, ministers, you need to teach the Word of God and only the Word of God. Your congregation needs to know the Word. They need to really know. Therefore, you need to go beyond milk and feed your congregation meat. It is my belief that we have come to the time that Paul was telling Timothy about in 2 Timothy 4:3–4.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lust shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables.”

My belief is that although many people speak and read about the Holy Spirit, they have not actually experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit. For when you are truly born again, there’s a change in your life.

When you truly and I mean truly experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit, your life is changed. The supernatural power of God and a Holy boldness enters your life.

Unity In Worship

The Church must unify itself in worship. Christians are too quick to criticize or speak ill of fellow believers. Perhaps there are those who roll on the ground while another group raises their hands and still another who sits quietly and just clap their hands. These groups look at each other and criticize the other, thinking that the other should be like them. This is not unity.

Unity is when one Christian or Church works with another without speaking or even thinking ill of them or their practices. Unity is fellowshipping with the others. If there’s a lack, work with them until their lack is raised to a level that they are able to handle. It is not a show of unity when the strong criticizes the weaker.

Help Others Increase Their Faith

The strong should be willing to fellowship with others. They should work with the weaker ones until they can raise them to their own level of faith. Sometimes, we must come down from our level down to another’s instead of negatively criticizing. Find out what level they are on and work with them on their level, not yours. As you work with the other person or group on their level, you will eventually be able t help them increase their level of faith. Then and only then will you begin to see an increase in God’s power because you will be working together.

Unity is the only way that we as the Church will begin to see God work and the “greater works”. We need to become interested in building the Kingdom of God instead of our own personal kingdom.

The End.





Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Writer for vickitroupministries.org. Follow: @The_Way_Podcast

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Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Writer for vickitroupministries.org. Follow: @The_Way_Podcast

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