I’m In A Cage For How Long?

Hi, my name is Pothos (Po-thos). I decided to write an article from my perspective which is the only way I can. I’m about 16 inches from the floor and I’m multi-colored. I am dark brown on my body to gray-white on my legs with red-brown and white on my face. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a dog. See my nose. Look at me!

The other day my human took my nose put it down to the carpet and yelled, “No!, No!” My human then took me and took me out of the room and placed me on the balcony. That’s where I am now. Since that time I have not been inside like I was before.

I loved walking around my house whenever I wanted. I used to go into any room including the kitchen, whenever I wanted. But since the, “No!, No!” it seems the balcony is the only place I’m allowed. I used to eat my food with my human in the kitchen. Now my water dish and food bowl are outside with me.

Being outside is not as much fun as the run of the house used to be. Now, all I get to do is lay down and sleep. I used to play ball and run and get it. Oh, boy what fun! I would bring the ball and put it in my human’s hand. I liked doing that because I would get a treat each time I would put it in my human’s hand. I could climb up on the sofa when I got tired of sleeping on the hard floor.

Now all I get to do is lay on the cement balcony floor and come inside only to go down the stairs so that I can go outside for my walk. Actually, I take my human for a walk. She hasn’t caught on to this yet, but that’s what I do. I take my human on walks. Isn’t that funny? She follows me not the other way around. I like to act like I’m sniffing around when in fact I’m actually looking around to see where I can take her. I think that’s funny because other humans are walked also. They think that they are doing the leading and walking. You see, we actually have them fooled. I don’t mind walking my human because I at least get to leave the balcony.




Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Writer for vickitroupministries.org. Follow: @The_Way_Podcast

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Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Writer for vickitroupministries.org. Follow: @The_Way_Podcast

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