Learning God’s Ways-Part 6

Psalms 102:16–18

Here the psalmist points out that the rebuilding of Zion must precede and prepare for the lord’s return in glory. We actually see the restoration and rebuilding of Israel today. We also see the same thing happening in the Christian Church. This is partial evidence that the Lord is ready to appear in His glory.

We are told that the Lord will regard the prayers of the destitute for they have cried out to Him and seem to have gone unanswered. But the day is coming when their prayers will be answered within a short space of time through God’s intervention of His return.

There is also a generation of people that shall be created to praise the Lord. We also see this taking place today. God’s people are starting to praise Him more today than years ago. We are taking part in praising the Lord, therefore, we may be the group to welcome His return.

In conclusion, I say that David’s writings have helped millions throughout the years in good times and trying times. You have read summaries of only a few meditations. Many of the meditations are suited for particular moods and situations.

It is my hope and sincere prayer that the summaries in this paper will stimulate the reader to continue to read the Psalter. Read and meditate upon the Psalms. It may be that it stimulates you to write meditations of your own. You will find your expression in your soul’s most intimate communion with God. So find a quiet place, talk to God, meditate, then write.




Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Writer for vickitroupministries.org. Follow: @The_Way_Podcast

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Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Writer for vickitroupministries.org. Follow: @The_Way_Podcast

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